If you have skin concerns, Kris Sherwin, PA-C, is offering free skin checks on Wednesday, July 31 at Castle Rock Medical Center.

Free Skin Check – Wednesday, July 31, Castle Rock Medical Center, Green River

Noticing changes to your skin is important and knowing when to have a professional review those changes can be lifesaving.  Are you noticing:

  1. A mole or skin patch that has changed in color, size, shape or symptom?
  2. Acne that doesn’t improve with diet or over-the-counter products?
  3. An itchy rash or hives that won’t go away?
  4. Persistently irritated skin, and store-bought creams aren’t helping itchy, red, flaky skin?
  5. More hair loss than usual or scalp problems?

Kris has been a Physician Assistant at CRMC since 2000. In addition to general expertise for her patients, Kris focused on dermatology electives during her medical training; assisted with a plastic surgeon for 10 years; and has maintained her continuing education with a focus on dermatology, including dermoscopy.

Castle Rock Medical Center is located at 1400 Uinta Drive in Green River.